Kitchens are our bread and butter

Granite Transformations Cambridge has been updating kitchens for many years and knows what it takes to make them exciting spaces again. We have tried to develop solutions for every single part of the kitchen and done so in an array of styles and colours. It won’t cost you over the odds to secure them and make the kitchen the most elegant room in the house.

Kitchens get utilised so often nowadays that it is imperative that they provide a pleasant setting that the entire family can enjoy.

We’re not overstating it when we say that we have an unbelievable number of possibilities for your kitchen. This includes integrating a handy island unit or perhaps waterfall ends into your chosen worktop to make it even more distinctive in the kitchen.

  • Add a killer edge

    A key-selling point of our luxurious work surfaces is their slenderness. Keeping them so slim allows us to put them over the top of your current units. However, they can be supplied in a greater thickness than normal if your require a new worktop with a greater amount of depth to it.

  • The opposite of heavy

    You wouldn’t be foolish for presuming that our worktops are heavy and take some effort to lift; most worktops are like this. They are far from heavy. We have kept them lightweight as it makes installing them much easier than it would be if they had a lot of weight behind them and were difficult to fit.

    Granite Transformations Cambridge makes very light work of fitting worktops, which is good news if you want your kitchen remodelled quickly.

  • Designed to last

    You rightly expect longevity from our quartz, granite and recycled glass work surfaces so that your money goes a long way. Thankfully, they deliver unbeatable strength and performance and much of that comes from the high grade polyester that we put into every individual design. They will never let you down.

    The high level of performance offered gives us the confidence need to supply you with a lifetime warranty.