Put faith in our bathroom brilliance

We appreciate that homeowners will be anxious to find a bathroom makeover specialist that they can wholeheartedly trust. Granite Transformations Cambridge is in that category of companies and has the products and experience needed to permanently change your bathroom for the better.

Our designers and installers have been involved in hundreds of bathroom makeovers, so they’re perfectly placed to reinvent the space on your behalf. Ask people you know if they’re aware of Granite Transformations Cambridge and it’s highly likely that some of them will be and happy to recommend us.

  • Moisture won’t take its toll

    It is imperative that the work surfaces within your bathroom are able to hold up against water exposure. Our bathroom work surfaces have been specifically developed to resist water and sustain their performance in the hot and humid atmosphere associated with bathroom areas.

    Whichever splashback or shower liner you purchase, rest assured that water-resistance is guaranteed.

  • Fantastic finishes across the board

    You have will no problem uncovering a colour that you like as we have one of the most extensive colour palettes you will find anywhere. Every single colour we have developed looks the part with all our worktops.

    Together with timeless classics such as black and white, we also stock colours like green if you fancy being bold and brave with your bathroom redesign.

  • The most resourceful products

    Granite Transformations Cambridge has a growing audience of customers, including both homeowners and some of the world’s most imaginative architects and interior designers. They all love our unmistakable splashbacks and countertops.

    Whether you’re a local householder or a top architect, we can custom-build the solutions you need. Have a word with a design consultants to let them exactly what you want and they will do the rest.